Those who grimace at the mention of kiwi, gather around, we have important news for you! It's not kiwi's fault that it's hard and sour. It is actually a sweet fruit with its heart and itself, but it is a victim of being picked before it ripens. We can say that he is good but his surroundings are bad :)

Kiwis harvested before they are ripe never reach their ideal sweetness potential. For this reason, we harvest our kiwis at ideal maturity and ideal taste. In this way, our kiwi can be as soft as you can spoon and eat, and still alive at the same time.

In its ideal consistency, our kiwis are not harvested without a brix ratio of 6.4%, and they are not offered to you before they reach 12.5%. But what is this brix? Brix is the water-soluble dry matter in fruits. In short, it gives the fruit its flavor. The brix ratio of kiwi is also ideal.


Unbeatable with Vitamin C!

100g of kiwi more than meets your daily vitamin C needs. The vitamin C in kiwi is almost double that of orange. It's still good if the only benefit is vitamin C. We recommend that you take a look at the "Nutritional values" tab, where we summarize the endless benefits of kiwi.