Granny Smith Apple

Sour and Healthy.

If we ask what is the most remarkable thing that Australia has brought to the world, some will say kangaroo, some will say Hugh Jackman. If you ask us, the answer is Granny Smith apples! Found by chance in the 1800s, this genus is the tastiest and juiciest of sour apples, if you ask us. It is one of the most loved apples not only of sour apples but of all apples with its thick but sultry skin, luscious flesh, juiciness and pleasing tartness. It is the third most eaten apple variety in the world; So we're not the only ones who think like that.


A Sour Date

In the 1950s, Australian Maria Ann Smith, who bought a small orchard, finds a sprouted apple tree among the garbage and grows the sprout by saying, "Hold on and see what comes out." He decides that the fruit is the perfect "Cooking apple" with its firm and slightly sour-slightly sweet flesh, and gives the apple its nickname, Granny Smith. “Slightly sweet, slightly sour?” We hear you say. Yes, this breed, which is slightly tart at first, attains its full sour profile as a result of vaccinations over time. With the arrival of the Granny Smith breed to our country, it finds the beginning of the 2000s.