Gala Apple

The World's Most Popular Apple…

Gala, one of the most widely grown apple varieties in the world and one of the most popular on the shelves of supermarkets, is a juicy and crunchy apple with a floral aroma and full of vanilla hints.

Gala apples, whose color changes depending on the ripeness of the fruit, are covered with a thin peel that turns yellow to orange, often highlighted by pink to red streaks. Gala apples are highly resistant to rot, have a grainy, mild flavor and a thinner skin than most apples.


It can grow in both hot and cold environments.

Developed in New Zealand by apple grower JH Kidd in 1934, commercial distribution of Gala apples began in the 1980s in both Europe and the United States. Gala apples, which can be grown in both hot and cold climates, are a very popular apple variety with their wonderful flavor that can be grown clonally in many regions around the world.